My name is Inderjit Singh Deol, like to be known as Inder Deol.


Inder Deol

I was born in a small village called Abiana situated in Punjab, India and today after 24 years, I’m traveling from Toronto to Montreal, two major cities of Canada, writing my experience of all these years. Maybe 24 years aren’t enough to understand this world but during my recent visit to India, I attended a family function, where my relatives were performing some ceremonies. I felt like, these ceremonies are too old fashioned and meaningless in today’s world and being quite blunt, I expressed my feelings about it and no one cared about it. One of my uncle standing next to me said, “My dear, When I was about your age, even I felt all this and wanted to change a few things about these tradition and now at the age of 40, When i am halfway my life and my children are about to be married, I have realized that there is no point of fighting against it, when all you are going to get in response is contradictory statements and some harsh criticism. You can’t do anything alone. When you will be of my age, you will be explaining all this to some other youngster of the family.”
It was shocking, I thought, I was the only one who didn’t like it because no one else was denying to perform all these ceremonies but me. I felt alone and foolish at the time but I also realized that even if it was Stephen Hawking instead, he would have been treated the same by these people. I think On the basis of opinions, no one is right or wrong, its the surroundings which prove it to be right or wrong.

Even the most intelligent person can be considered as the dumbest among those who has no knowledge.

So, What I have learnt is that its high time to write about my thoughts and share, so as to find more people, who feels the same and wants to bring some positive changes in their lifestyles. I’m not saying that if I don’t like something that is wrong, its just the difference of opinion. Different people have different lifestyles around the world and are different from each other. It’s an approach to find them and feel comfortable about my thinking. I’m just writing this for those people. If you don’t agree with me wait until the time either of us realize to be wrong and unite under one idea. But for that we need discussions, debates ans acceptance to the truth. Even these opinions will not stay forever, something else will come up, some facts, which might change the way we have been thinking, but I just want to make sure that when that time comes all of us should be ready to bend and accept the change rather than sticking on one thinking. We must all be curious to find answers of the questions which strikes us.
I’m going to share my thoughts with all of you in coming days on different topics and see if the thoughts are worth something, if they are then we can unite and bring some change because,

A number of people Speaking together are more audible than just one person speaking loud.